this is a trailer for a weave company 

i repeat Atlanta based celebrity hair stylist and owner of both salon and hair company snob life, ming lee made a fucking trailer for some weave and it is seriously god level like what kinda future me teas is this?

excuse me i posted this three minutes ago why doesnt this have 400 notes

I wish this was real





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When Nick and Jess aren’t together this is how I feel.

 If Sam wouldn’t have punched Nick in the chest, this would have never happened.


Sometimes Gifs pause at just the right spot

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Just replace “Winston”with your name and what do ya know. Jake Johnson has tucked you in using only his voice.

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I know Im late but  I just made since of It. Ichabod said The Weeping Lady only drowns those that seem like a threat to take Ichabod. She went after Abbie. Because she’s a threat to taking Ichabod from her. She wasn’t wrong tho.

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Oh my goodness!!!!Ichabbie!