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Anonymous asked: Just got to say, those who call the NG breakup unrealistic personally offend me. At age 31, I had a 2 year elationship end over unmade dinner reservations. Of course, there was more to it than that (much like in ML) but if you told me the day before it would happen, I'd have called you nuts. Nick and Jess weren't perfect, and there is very little about their history that would say they were up for the clear challenges that lie ahead. Not yet, anyway...




Yeah I guess people need to realize that not all 30 year olds want and need the same thing. I feel like Nick and Jess both would feel as if they’re “settling” if they stayed with each other and I guess need to see other people to realize that would’ve not been the case. Obviously every couple fights and has issues and no relationship will ever be perfect no matter how much some of us may want that. But I do agree with you, their breakup was very realistic if you think about it, unfortunately ;(

But would you have still lived with them and been their BFF like nothing happened?  

I think it’s more that this is a comedy and the break up brought a lot of unnecessary angst and drama with it, followed by difficulty in finding things funny because the audience is still left rather confused.  

Just wondering if you’ve watched 4x01 yet? Because I definitely couldn’t see the Nick and Jess of “Cruise” living together, but somehow it worked for the Nick and Jess of “The Last Wedding”. Maybe it’s not the most realistic choice, but I think they made a smart move in skipping past most of the awkwardness for the sake of lightening the tone.

Re: the breakup, I’m not against Nick and Jess being apart for awhile and I definitely don’t think the breakup itself was unrealistic, they’d been setting it up from the beginning and even before (Bob, Winston in Table 34). But some of the specifics were, IMO, less than convincing- like the toy. While it worked well in some ways as a metaphor (the pieces didn’t fit, they’d used up all the tape), on the literal level- no one puts the toy together unless it’s a Christmas present for their own kid! Nick was 100% in the right on this one. They just made Jess look judgy and uncool by taking it as some kind of sign that Nick would be a terrible father. No wonder he freaked out. The Mars/Earth thing was also a head-scratcher. (Out of all the ways they could have pressed the eject button on Nick/Jess, Nick wanting to be an intergalactic truck driver was…not what I’d have gone with). The “I miss my friend” line felt like the germ of a good idea, but it wasn’t developed enough for the audience to believe it something that Nick and Jess would scuttle their hard-won relationship over.

I have a theory that TV breakups (between characters that we’re meant to want to get back together down the line) are the hardest thing to write. They either go too far one way and make someone the villain (which didn’t happen here, thankfully) or they go the other way and leave everyone confused over what just happened. What are some good TV breakup eps?

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Highly detailed Earth illuminated by moonlight over Saudi Arabia. 




these two are the world to me. my man and my child. it gets no better.